Explore Speciality Products of Anegundi

Product Code Product Name Price Image
AGD_BSP_A01 Banana fibre net shopping bag INR 300/-
AGD_BSP_A02 Top-handle purse INR 600/-
AGD_BSP_A03 Hand bag with beautiful Jaali design INR 650/-
AGD_BSP_A04 Stripped shoulder bag INR 750/-
AGD_BSP_A05 Small carry bag with lining and zip INR 550/-
AGD_BSP_A06 Small carry bag with lining, zip and cane handle INR 550/-
AGD_BSP_A07 Rectangular shaped purse with lining, clip magnet and cane handle INR 500/-
AGD_BSP_A08 Banana fibre handle bag INR 480/-
AGD_BSP_A09 Rectangular shaped purse with lining and zip INR 525/-
AGD_BSP_A10 Bell shaped purse studded with blue buttons INR 465/-
AGD_BSP_A11 Small size bell shaped purses INR 465/-
AGD_BSP_A12 Net-design Bag INR 280/-
AGD_BSP_A13 Waist Mobile/Camera Case(with lining) NR 280/-
AGD_BSP_A14 Beautifully crafted shoulder bag INR 615/-
AGD_BSP_A15 Long-string bag INR 460/-
AGD_BSP_A16 Banana fibre bag with leather handle INR 700/-
AGD_BSP_A17 Small carry purse with green and white lining INR 865/-
AGD_BSP_A18 Net-design bag in mauve and off-white color INR 910/-
AGD_BSP_A19 Designer Banana Fibre Purse INR 615/-
AGD_BSP_A20 Colourful Doormat INR 350/-
AGD_BSP_A21 Studded Party Purse INR 650/-
AGD_BSP_A22 Banana fibre purse in blue and white stripes INR 615/-
AGD_BSP_A23 Oval shaped purse studded with beads INR 600/-
AGD_BSP_A24 Pot shaped hand bag INR 840/-
AGD_BSP_A25 Mini party purse that complements your outfit INR I,I46/-
AGD_BSP_A26 Designer multi-purpose shoulder bag INR 1260/-
AGD_BSP_A27 Travel Bag INR 883/-
AGD_BSP_A28 Classical Banana Fibre Bag NR 650/-
AGD_BSP_A29 Trendy Hat INR 500/-
AGD_BSP_A30 Multicoloured Hat INR 440/-
AGD_BSP_A31 Doormat with square shapes INR 150/-
AGD_BSP_A32 Multicoloured Doormat INR 160/-
AGD_BSP_A33 Circular Table Mat INR 50/-
AGD_BSP_A34 Mini Doormat INR 160/-
AGD_BSP_A35 Authentic banana fibre doormat NR 150/-
AGD_BSP_A36 Multipurpose Baskets INR 190/-
(size: 61/2 x 61/2)
AGD_BSP_A37 Plant Holder (length: 40") NR 446/-
AGD_BSP_A38 Artistic Gift Box INR 400/-
AGD_BSP_A39 Toran (home decor) INR 450/-
AGD_BSP_A40 Banana Fibre Dish Holder INR 435/-
AGD_BSP_A41 Chapatti Box INR 315/-
AGD_BSP_A42 Cushion Cover INR 390/-
(single piece)