Samode appositely showcases the vibrancy of the Rajasthani way of life. Rajasthan - The Thar Desert State of India is well-known for its grandiose forts, unique culture & traditions and exotic cuisine. Samode offers it all to you in its exclusive style. Samode is a lovely village of Rajasthan. Abode of Maharajas (Kings), well known for its majestic palace and impressive forts. Walking the cobbled streets of Samode, the visitors will be enchanted with its historical character, peaceful atmosphere, away from the traffic and bustle of city life. This historical village is situated on the foothills of the 'Aravali Range' just 42 kilometres from the bustling city of Jaipur. Originally belonging to the Zamidars (land owners), in 1564 the territory was awarded to Amber Prince Gopal Singhji , who was the founder of Samode village.
In the late 19th century, the Samode region was one of the wealthiest territories in the Amber Kingdom and the village itself was a large and flourishing town. Originally, the village had three entrance gates on its boundary wall namely: Mahar Gate, Jaipur Gate and Chomu Gate. Visitors will find impressive Havelis (grand decorated residences), ancient Bawries (large stepped water wells), Chatries (splendid sun shades), several temples, and a vibrant community with a rich tradition in making a variety of beautiful handicrafts. Lac bangle and jewellery makers, miniaturists and fresco artists, carpet weavers, leather workers, potters, and blacksmiths are just some of the artisans who reside in Samode. Artisan shops can be found on nearly every street and villagers are happy to demonstrate their art. Samode has a Palace and a Bagh. Constructed over 600 years ago, the Palace is known for its 'Sheesh Mahal' - replete with mirrors. The Bagh is marked by its green setting. The local community of Samode exhibits unparalleled hospitality. The live musical and dance performances of local artists, camel and elephant rides and the traditional cuisine compels one to fall in love with the place.

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