Delhi is the main tourist hub for the tourists traveling to India. Delhi is an ancient city, relics of the Padavas dynasty, which lasted from 1100 BC to 350 BC, has been found in the city. However, modern Delhi is thought to date from the 8th Century AD, when the Rajput Tomars founded a city that they called Lal Kot. Successive rulers - The Chauhans, The Sultans and The Mughals - fought over and claimed Delhi, founding a series of seven great cities, all in the same geographical area. When Delhi became the capital of the British Raj, they created an eighth city of broad roads and impressive public buildings. Be it wandering in the bye lanes of Old Delhi or taking a drive down the broad roads of Luytens Delhi or shopping your heart out at Sarojini Nagar, all in all Delhi promises you an experience which you can never forget.

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